Portable Units:


AMS manufactures six portable units in 4 different sizes; we can also design custom units. AMS's typical portable unit can be 20' long or 40' long, range in width from 8' wide to 10' wide and are 8'-6" high. AMS manufactures portable housing, office, shower, toilet, laundry and open hall units. Our portable units start with the common ISO container, the same box that faces wind, rain, salt, typhoons and extreme conditions for years. They are modified from the ground up with field conditions in mind. Each unit has climate control, interior lighting and electrical. The housing, shower, toilet and laundry units are plug-and-play and can easily adapt to existing water and sewer systems. In areas without infrastructure, tanks can be provided for both fresh and gray water storage. AMS's portable units are ideal for disaster relief, special events or military deployment just to name a few.


  • Entrance door (lock and keys), two windows (screen and removable metal window shutter), finished walls, ceiling, & floor.
  • Steel container construction - rugged and durable ideal for permanent or temporary usage.
  • Manufactured out of a standard steel container, quickly transportable via standard truck, ship or rail.
  • Require no foundation or structural assembly.
  • Water connections & sewer line hookups are included. When they are not available, AMS offers optional water bladders or tanks for fresh (potable), grey, and black water.
  • Every unit is climate controlled (HVAC) and has exhaust ventilation fans.
  • Every unit has electrical which includes breaker panel, fluorescent light fixtures & wall receptacles, available in 50 Hz or 60 Hz. AMS can also configure quick connect electrical, one external 60 amp electrical cable with male cannon plug.
  • Electric or propane water heater, size varies upon unit's needs.
  • 1 year warrantee
  • Total weight per unit varies depend upon size and unit.