AMS Mobile Power Unit:

Specifications & Highlights:

  • Dual Axis Tracking to 10° for maximum production
  • Enhanced energy production using less silicon
  • 3 Days of reserve back-up power
  • Climate adaptable engineering
  • American Made
  • Single & Three Phase capabilities
  • Backup Generator tie-in capable
  • Robust, rugged engineering
  • Able to deploy and set up in less than one hour.
  • NO Downtime
  • NO Refueling
  • NO Noise, sound equivalent of an electric razor
  • NO Smell or Fumes
  • Longer life span of service, designed for 20 years of operation
  • Modularity: if one panel or inverter is destroyed, easily replaceable while still supplying energy
  • Minimal maintenance and associated costs
  • Can operate in extreme climates
  • Green Technology
  • The SUN IS FREE!

The solar industry is more mature than most American's are aware. With over fifty years of solar research and development, we know the realistic and practical approach to responsible solar design. The elusive need remaining in the industry is a cost effective, rapid deployment system by which a viable, powerful solar array may be deployed by a mobile application for short term or emergency need.