Water Reclamation

AMS Water Reclamation & Containment Systems:

AMS offers a fully portable water containment and recovery system that has been designed to protect the environment. Our mat and recovery systems are applicable in all industries. Our containment system is used for washing and de-icing applications where wastewater can be recycled or prepared for disposal. Our containment system can also be used for spill containment of hazardous liquids, gases and chemicals.

Our typical containment solution is a Portable Closed Loop Wash System. In our closed loop wash system, wastewater is contained in the Containment Mat. Then the wastewater is collected and stored in water tanks. Next the wastewater flows from the water tanks to a supplied water treatment system for filtering. Once filtered, the cleansed wastewater can be reused for washing. The process is environment friendly and meets all EPA regulations.

AMS Water Reclamation & Containment System Product Information:

  • Containment Mat: Our containment mat is a light weight, durable and portable mat that sits on a flat surface. Air berms or foam berms surround the perimeter of the mat allowing thousands of gallons of fluid to be contained including wastewater, hazardous liquids, oils and gases. Our mats are available in all sizes (standard sizes and custom built) and are constructed with the following materials: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), XR-3, XR-5 and Polyurethane.
  • Railway Mat: Similar to the Containment Mat, this design magnetically attaches the sides of the mat to the rails of a railroad track and uses foam berms at each end of the mat. This system contains fluids for proper disposal within the tracks. Like the Containment Mat, the Railway Mat is available in all sizes and is constructed with XR-3 material.
  • Foam Berms: Cylindrical pieces of foam 2.5" to 6" in diameter. Foam berms are inserted into sleeves that surround the perimeter of the mat forming raised walls or berms for the mat.
  • Air Berms: Instead of foam-based berms, we also offer air-based berms. Air is inserted into the mat perimeter through inlet valves forming a wall. Air is removed via a pressure release valve (PRV). Air berms range from 1" to 24" in height.
  • Underlay: Underlay is used underneath the mat for non-improved surfaces such as gravel surfaces that may have sharp objects. Underlay is constructed from either XR-3 material or PVC to help protect the mat from punctures.
  • Track Belting: Track belting is used for heavy machinery such as dozers or excavators. Track belting (3' strips) is laid on top of the mat to avoid machine tracks from puncturing the mat.
  • Drain Covers: Designed to cover storm sewers. It is constructed with strong flexible PVC which is designed to resist most liquids, oil, water and chemicals. These devices are placed on top of a storm sewer or drain grate to create a seal and prevent fluids from entering the storm drain system.
  • Electric Storage Reel: The reel system is usually mounted to the underside or rear deck of a truck or trailer. It has three brackets that hold the mat and underlay. Electric Storage Reels is available in either 110 volt or 12 volt. The width of the reel can be built to meet the needs of the application. Storage Reels are used to store the mat and for transporting the mat from site to site. Manually cranked reels are also available.